IMG-20181212-WA0040Welcome to #BeMotivated with Dr. Demilade Fayemiwo! Yes, that’s me in the picture. I am so glad you have decided to stop by and check out a few posts.

Can I virtually show you around? Yes? Awesome!

All posts are categorized according to topics and you can read the posts that are of interest to you by clicking on the topic category at the top. Yes, I write about all those things; though I have to say the Travel and Lifestyle section is a work in progress. Who does not love a work in progress? Certainly not you, right 😉

On your right is a link to one of my YouTube videos. To view more of my videos, simply search Demilade Faye on YouTube and have yourself a swell time! You can also follow me on Twitter (@MsFayemiwo) to stay connected with my thoughts and posts.

To contact me, use the form on the contact me page to post questions, share thoughts or to suggest topics you would like me to cover.

And oh! One last thing. Please share my posts on your social media pages using #BeMotivated, share your thoughts, start a discussion, and yes yes, follow my blog.



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