A woman’s world 1

I walked out of the office towards the parking lot, strutting in my six-inch stiletto heels and drinking up the admiration of my male colleagues in bucket loads.
In my line of career as an investment banker, I was surrounded mostly by men on all sides.

When I first started the job at Sandton Johannesburg, I was excited about the number of men I met. I even started to draw a chart of possible suitors and their characteristics. I went to work everyday expectantly but all I got were compliments from about my amazing fashion sense! *sigh! Good men are either taken, too slow or dead and buried! All my life, I have always prayed to find a man that has everything I have and more but well, in South Africa, that is a bit hard to find.

My name is Dineo Mukwehvo, a black South African that was born into a privileged lifestyle. My father is a cardio-surgeon and my mother runs a coffee shop at Rosebank in Johannesburg. I am an only child and in my late twenties. I studied at the prestigious Witwatersrand University and got a job almost immediately after graduation, thanks to graduate recruitment.

I strode purposefully toward the parking lot when I suddenly remembered; I didn’t go to the office with my car. I sighed in exasperation and started to walk toward the Gautrain bus stop so I could take a bus to the train station and then a train to Midrand and from there, another bus home. I cursed silently beneath my breath as I started to regret following the money saving tips that had been broadcasted on the news the week before.

“Save money on Petrol, use the gautrain!” *Hiss*

I was saved by one of my colleagues, Benjamin. He pulled up next to me in his Hyundai i20 and asked if I needed a lift. I smiled and got into the car. Sweet sweet relief!

Okay, here’s the deal with Benjamin. When I first started work at the company, I noticed he used to stare at me a lot and I saw when he interacted with the guys, he was rather loquacious. However, as soon as we were alone, the silence was always deafening. I remember hugging him once and he simply went limp in my arms. *sigh! What a wimp!

Dear men, women like strong men that are able to assert themselves, not men that just sit next to them silently and hope to mutely communicate with their minds.

I couldn’t be bothered about the silence that evening, as long as he didn’t nervously drive us into a ditch. I had a date with a guy called Katlego I met at Sandton mall and I was looking forward to it. He ran his own business (I had no idea what it was), we exchanged numbers and had been speaking over the phone for a week, me mostly droning about my hectic work schedule and he just seemed laid-back. I guess self-employment takes off certain pressures.

Luckily for me, Ben was heading to Centurion so he dropped me off at my crib in Midrand (I decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city). I thanked him profusely and ran into my apartment to prepare for my date. I already had an outfit in mind; an exceptionally beautiful Alexander McQueen dress I picked up in New York the christmas before.

I quickly ran a bubble bath to wash off all the work perspiration and soon, I was ready for my date, looking so gorgeous, I even complimented my reflection in the mirror. The date was at Mugg and Bead at the Reeds mall in Centurion, just 15 minutes drive from Midrand. I got into my BMW and was soon speeding off to Reeds mall, jamming away to my favorite songs from my iPod.

I parked the car and confidently walked towards the mall. I was ten minutes late, like I intended, I didn’t want to come across as too eager but I have to admit I was. He looked like a ‘stand-up’ guy.

I smiled at the waitress by the entrance to Mugg and Bean and explained I was meeting someone. After describing Katlego, she looked around and told me he wasn’t there yet. Oh my sack of cheese! Waiting for a guy on a first date did not sit well with me but I didn’t have a choice. I ordered a glass of orange juice, hoping he would arrive before I downed the glass. I started chatting with my friends on my blackberry, catching up on the day’s events and all. One hour later, I was still sitting with my glass of juice, chatting with my blackberry. No calls, No text messages, not even a buzz.

Out of frustration, I called him, he didn’t answer his phone. After three failed attempts, I paid the bill and left the mall angrily. As soon as I got into my car, my  notified me of a SMS. I checked it and it simply said ‘Sorry, I couldn’t make it.’

BLOODY HELL!!! Where are men from?! Would he have told me if I didn’t call him? I hissed and started my car. Men have always and will always be full of crap!!!


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