A woman’s world 5

Retail therapy worked! As a matter f fact, I found myself so engrossed in the shoes at Socrates in Sandton mall that I absolutely forgot about how terrible the weekend had started off. I bought a couple of shoes from Socrates and started to head towards the main retail stores. I stopped over at Inglotts for a few minutes and got some new eye shadow and lip gloss. No matter how miserable a girl is, she’s got to look good all the time šŸ˜‰

I headed towards Edgars as soon as I finished from Inglotts. I was interested in the Red Square section; I just wanted a new fragrance. I figured a new fragrance could change the kind of men I attracted. I’m kidding but hey you never know.

As I walked into Edgars, I was busy chatting on Whatsapp with my cousin at the same time and did not anticipate the collision. I started to apologise profusely and a for a swift moment, I felt was in a romantic comedy and would look up to behold my Prince Charming; possibly a man with chocolate dark skin, brown eyes, 6 feet tall, foreign accent (preferrably british), Investment banker, possibly at Merrill Lynch…. I looked up still apolgising only to have all my hopes of a romantic comedy dashed into such tiny pieces, they could have simply blended in with the atmosphere.

I smiled as I looked at the bald lady before me. By bald, I don’t means she was naturally bald but she had cut off every single strand of hair on her head. “I am so sorry. I wasn’t looking.” I said with a warm smile.

She smiled back. “That’s ok. We all get engrossed in our thoughts.”.

Guessing the conversation was over, I started walking toward the fragrance section when she called out to me.

“Shopping alone?” She asked. I looked back at her and smiled. “Yes I am.” I replied. “A girl’s got to get some retail therapy.”

She laughed lightly and told me she was shopping alone too and wouldn’t mind having a second opinion on what to purchase. A quick scan at her look told me she was in desperate need of my help. She was wearing some weird looking brown dull pants, a grey tshirt and some shoes that looked so funny (I don’t even know what they are called). They were like a cross between pumps and sneakers. She asked if I wouldn’t mind helping her with her spree and considering I was free, I agreed.

We spent the whole afternoon walking from one clothing store to the other and by the end of the evening, I was totally spent and I had made a new friend. Her name was Thabang, she was working as an insurance broker in Johannesburg, family of three children and she was the middle child. While she was fascinated by my looks- hair, clothes and all, I was unable to convince her to change her style of dressing.

I headed toward the parking lot and I noticed she was walking with me. I figured her car was parked there too. I had enjoyed the pleasure of meeting a total stranger but by that time, my mind was elsewhere; in the bath tub with a good magazine and a glass of Shiraz.

“Can you please give me a lift?” She said as soon we got to the parking lot.
I shook my head apologetically. ‘I’m sorry Thabang but I’m not headed your way.”

For a moment it seemed to me that she looked offended but it passed so quickly, I wasn’t sure.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“Midrand” I replied without looking up. I was already by my car, dropping my shopping bags on the back seat.

“I’m also going to Midrand.” She said. “My cousin lives there and I’m spending the night with her.

I shrugged and told her to come along. The trip to Midrand was quiet. My thoughts were far away and I just wasn’t in the mood to speak. Yes I have mood wings! Sue me!

I drove to Thabang’s cousin’s address and almost exploded in anger when I found out no one was home. She apologised profusely and asked if she could wait for her cousin at my crib as she didn’t have a key to the apartment or airtime to call her cousin. I gave my cell phone. I really didn’t feel comfortable having a stranger I just met at house at night but in the end, I had no choice. Her cousin offered to pick her up from my apartment which was just fifteen minutes away.

I drove to my apartment and let her in, offered her some coffee and we both watched TV. I was becoming irritable because it felt like she was spoiling all the wonderful plans of a quiet evening I had for myself.

Somehow, our discussion drifted towards the topic of relationships and she spoke constantly of her ex Lerato. I listened attentively as she went on and on about how Lerato mistreated her (Is there any woman out there that doesn’t have one heartbreak story?)

I smiled as she spoke until her words well, sort of took a twist. She stood from the sofa and joined me on the three seater couch, looking purposefully at me.
“You see, I was so hurt ny Lerato and I was focusing on all that, that I didn’t see the amazing doors that were being opened to me; opportunities to love again.” She smiled. “I don’t mean to be too forward but your warmth and kindness has inspired me so much.”

I smiled back not knowing what to say. She moved even closer and I started to feel u comfortable.

“You are so beautiful Diney and I want you all to myself.”

At this point, I started to feel scared. I didn’t understand what she was saying.

“But…but….erm…I’m sure Lerato still loves you. You seem like a great girl. I’m sure he’ll want you back.”

She looked confused and laughed. “He? Lerato is a girl.”

My fears were confirmed. I had invited a stranger in to my house, she was a lesbian and she was hitting on me, a damn straight woman. It was definitely not my weekend!!!


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