the checklist that never checks out

“Good men are hard to find’.
Can you count the number of times you have said that? I know I can’t. There are many angles to that saying and this post will focus on the self-imposed “needle in a hay stack’ search by women.

Every woman has a checklist somewhere…in her head, in her diary, in her bible, on her wall….somewhere, every woman has a checklist for the kind of man she deires to have. I can bet 90% of women want a man that is tall and handsome.85% of those women wants a man in a suit; in other words, a man that has a corporate job and speaks fluently. 60% of women probably want a man with a foreign accent and of course every woman wants financial security. There’s nothing wrong with wanting all of this alongside other characteristics like a good sense of humour, a hot body, sensitivity and a totally bizzare ability to read the ‘woman mind’.

Isn’t it just unfortunate now that men seem to be growing shorter? Isn’t it just sad that most goodlooking men come with an unbearable ego? Isn’t it disheartening that many well-behaved men don’t have corporate jobs and hence have no reason to wear a suit? and well isn’t it just spit-on-your-neck frustrating that men are insensitive and do not posses the ability to read and understand a dynamic mind like the woman mind?

Are you looking at your checklist now and wondering “Will I ever find my dream man?” Are you thinking “If I do find him, will he married or be in a committed relationship with someone else?”

I have got news for you ladies. A checklist is a list of what an ideal man should be and believe me when i say no such man exists. It is good to know what you want in a man but it is also necessary to look past all the superficial qualities. Go for a man that cares about you even though he can’t read your thoughts or fulfill your  every desire. Go for a man that you can be vulnerable with not  a man you need to put up an act for and play games with. Go for a man that laughs with you at your mistakes and doesn’t spend hours telling you how badly you messed up. Go for a man that is willing to say “I’m sorry” whenever he messes up.
These are qualities that are hard to see. You can only see them by reading him as a book page by page…..Want to know how you choose that ‘book’? Use my checklist…

He should be a man that breathes


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