A woman’s world 7

I stood staring at the ageing man before me. I looked at my friends to see if I was the only one in shock.
“I am Edwin” He said. I could have sworn he was older than my father. I forced a smile and without mincing words told him I wasn’t going anywhere with a deceitful man. He didn’t look surprised and he didn’t say anything more. He simply entered his car and within seconds, he was gone.
“I’m so sorry.” Thato said placing her hand on my shoulder. I nodded and returned into the house. My friends, knowing how moody I could get said their goodbyes and left. I spent the whole night listening to hardcore rap songs to get my mind off things.

It took a couple of weeks before I got to see my girls again. I simply buried myself in work and even went to spend a couple of days with my parents. When I saw Thato and Amanda two weeks later at Thato’s apartment on a saturday, there was something different about Amanda; she was…. Glowing is not the exact word but she was rather loquacious and excited. We had chilled with Thato for over an hour when I couldn’t take the suspense anymore.
“Okay Mandy, out with it! Ke eng ka wena?”
She raised her eyebrow and shook her head. “I’m fine. Why do you ask?”
Thato frowned. “Is that a trick question? You have been grinning ear to ear since you arrived. Why do you think we have been staring at you all morning?”

Amanda laughed again and sat up excited. “Okay, I’ll tell you but promise you won’t judge until you’ve heard the whole story.”

“Why would we want to take over the one thing you are really good at Amanda?” I said sarcastically and Thato laughed. Amanda did not seem to care. She was grinning widely.

“Well…” she started. “I had some flu symptoms last two weeks and I went to see the doctor.” She looked at us still grinning. Thato and I looked at each other.

“So what happened? He gave you an overdose of laughing gas and what we are seeing now is the effect wearing off?” I asked, wondering if her silence meant the end of her story.

She eyed me, still smiling and continued. “When I got to the clinic, my doctor wasn’t there. Instead, there was this congolese guy there and the office assistant was showing him the ropes. We got talking and I found out he’s a doctor too. He’s tall and dark skinned. His skin was a bit dry I admit but the moment I looked at me, I felt my skin tingle. It was love at first sight!”

Thato and I looked at each other again. Thato smiled. “You don’t believe in love at first sight Mandy and I think your skin was tingling because you haven’t had some in a while.”

Amanda ignored her and kept talking. “He is Congolese and his name is Adam; he’s preparing to take some medical exams so he can start working here and he’s going to be working with my doctor!”

She looked at us; we were staring at her, not knowing what to think. She kept talking.
“We have been exchanging texts and calls! Let me show you one of them.” She rummaged through her purse for her HTC phone and after clicking on it a few times, handed it to us. Excited to read the text, Thato and I leaned forward and looked at the screen for a few minutes before looking up to look at Amanda; we were confused.

“Erm… Amanda, this is all in french.” I said with a frown.

Amanda sighed happily. “Isn’t it romantic?”

Thato looked at me with raised eyebrows. “Erm…. Amanda, chomaka how do you know what this means? Last time I checked, your Zulu is extremely terrible not to mention french.”

Amanda wasn’t in the least offended by our reaction. Instead she rummaged through her purse again and brought out a book. It was a french-english dictionary.

“I’m learning French!”

“Girl, are you crazy? Can this guy speak English at all because last time I checked, proper english was on your checklist.”. Thato exclaimed.

“Well, I figured I can’t find a perfect man so I have to make do with what I find and well, with him, I got butterflies in my tummy.”

I was still unconvinced. It was really unlike Amanda to be so spontaneous.
“Does this guy have some big secret on you? I mean this is unlike you. You are moving with such blinding speed; learning french and all. What do you know about this guy?” I asked.

Amanda looked offended. “I knew it! I knew you girls would be so unsupportive!”

I quickly jumped before she continued. “Amanda, you know we’ll support you but really, do you want an albino penis experience like I had? I can see you are smitten by him already but can we at least meet him before you get too serious with him?”

She eyed us, looking pissed but submissive to my suggestion. “Well, I don’t want to discover he has some funny secret or skeleton in his closet and well, Thato is a good judge of character so I guess combined with your ability to interrogate people Dineo, I can arrange for you guys to meet…. On one condition though.”

We shrugged. “Well, what’s the condition?”
“You can’t make fun of his english….. Or his eye.”

I looked up at her, confused. “His eye?”

She looked at her feet. “Adam has an eye patch.”

“Huh?! Is he going to be the next pirate of the carribean? ” Thato asked, holding her laughter back.

Amanda eyed her and solemnly responded. “Adam has one eye.”


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