A Woman’s World 11

I looked even more confused. “Her leg? What do you mean you’re looking for her leg?” I asked almost bursting into laughter.

Phil scratched his head. “Erm…my granny has a wooden leg.”

I covered my mouth with my hands to stop myself from laughing. “But you said she’s being treated for Osteoporosis or something along those lines?”

“Yeah; in one leg. She lost the other leg to Gangrene so we got her an artificial wooden leg.”

My eyes widened as soon as he said that. He kept speaking.
“She must have taken it off last night and carelessly flung it somewhere. Please check close to the fireplace. ”

The moment he mentioned fireplace, I swore my heart stopped. I walked towards the fireplace; the fire had died out but some parts of the wood I threw into the fire during the course of the night were not badly burnt. I could feel my heart falling through my chest as I made out what looked like a carved toe.

” Are you ok baby?” Phil asked putting his hand on my waist. I turned to look at him, fear suddenly shooting through me.

“I… I… I think I’ve done something terrible.”
He raised his eyebrow. I looked at my feet, unable to face him. “I… Erm… Woke up during the course of the night and the fire was going out so I… I threw some logs on. They were lying by the fireplace and I just threw them without thinking or looking. I… I think your grandmother’s leg was one of them.”

I closed my eyes waiting for an explosion but instead he chuckled. I looked up at him and he was trying to keep himself from laughing. He put his arm around me and turned to face his grandmother who had been staring at us the whole time and said something in their native language. She looked at me and responded. Lord knows what they said to one another but she seemed to take it *THANK GOODNESS!!!

The rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful. We had fun on the beach, fun in the house and well no sex because I just couldn’t do it with his grandmother in the next room.

Soon, the weekend was over and we were back to Johannesburg. We were officially a couple and I was happy. Well, I didn’t have a reason not to be. I called Thato as soon as I arrived; she was rather ‘cold’ while I gushed about how wonderful my weekend was over the phone. She simply said “I’m happy for you.” I was worried about her but when I asked how she was doing, she insisted things were great with her.

I hung up and dialled Amanda’s number. Her reaction was the exact opposite of Thato’s. She was so happy for me, she screamed laughing and when I told her about the burning of the leg, she was laughing hysterically. It was awesome to share my happiness with someone.

“So how’s it going with Dr. Adam?” I asked.

“Awesome! He’s writing his exam this wednesday.”

“I wish him good luck.”

“Yeah he’d better make it. I’ve spent a lot on study materials and all”

I wanted to ask her if she thought it wise to spend so much on Adam but I figured it wasn’t my place. I had no evidence to show that could have suggested Adam was not an upright man so I simply smiled and changed the topic.

“What’s up with Thato?” I asked.

Amanda sighed. “I really wish I knew. She’s been quiet and weird of late. I called her to hang out over the weekend with Adam and me but she said she was going to be with Wandile.”

“I’m worried he’s still hitting her.”

“I find it hard to believe he hits her. I think the first time was a mistake; an overboard expression of anger.”

“Yeah me too.”

“Besides, Thato is a smart girl and she’s the strongest amongst us. I’m sure she would never stay in an abusive relationship.”

“True that”.

There we were speaking like we had a clue regarding what our emotions were about to bring us, unaware of how little we knew about ourselves; much less each other.


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