From butterflies to gutterflies

Remember the first time you fell in love? How great it felt and how you could not stop talking about it? Remember how some of your friends rolled their eyes when you went on about how great he or she is and how some of them sighed with relief when you started to talk about something else? Remember how you looked forward to seeing your partner everyday and how you could not decide on what to wear because you wanted to look your best? Remember how your heart beat so fast and how you just couldn’t get over how adorable and sweet your partner is?

Now, do you remember the first fight you had and how despondent you felt? Do you remember apologising even though it wasn’t your fault. Remember the quarrel after that and the quarrel after that and how suddenly, the butterflies started to die out and you felt it was time to move on to something better?

Remember playing with the idea of something new and fresh because you felt the romance is gone?

HAHAHA….Now do you remember going on a blind date and realizing your partner is the best person ever?

Every relationship has its twists and turns. It is important to hold on, be understanding and be patient. Love itself is very different from being in love. Love is not the madness we feel, filled with passion and a craze to stay glued to each other. that is being in love which anyone of us can convince ourselves that we are. Love itself is what is left when being in love has burned away.

It might seem crazy right now but be mature about it. Don’t go for the craze, stick with the warmth that comes when all the craze is gone. It will be worth it in the end.


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