A woman’s world 12

“Adam passed his exam!” Amanda screamed excitedly as soon as I answered my phone. Okay, scream is an understatement. She was literally screeching! I laughed and stood from my seat in the office, heading towards the ladies room where I could have more privacy.

“He made it? Wow! I am so happy for you friend. Now he can pay you back for your trouble.”

“Oh…I don’t care about the money. It was more of an investment. I could see he had potential to make it and I invested in him. Now we can build a beautiful life together.”

“Hmmm” I smiled, not sure of what to say.

“How’s your man by the way? Mr hot shot Nigerian?”

I sighed in response “He has been in Nigeria for a week now. He will be back by the end of next week.”

“Aww…time flies sweetheart.”

“Yeah…but for some reason, I’m scared he has a wife or something in Nigeria.”

“Whoa!” Amanda exclaimed. “A wife? Why would you think that?” She asked.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I spoke. “Mandy, how many times have we heard stories of foreign men with wives in their home countries and they come here to seek greener pasture and mess around with south African women for the sake of getting citizenship.”

Amanda chuckled as soon as I spoke. “You think he’s in need of citizenship? Dineo the dude owns a beach house in Cape town, he is stinking rich, even owns a restaurant here in South Africa! Chomaka, I think his Nigerian passport has worked out perfectly for him so far.

I laughed as she said that. She was right. I was stupid to think he needed me for citizenship but fear was still gnawing at my heart with regards to the possibility of him being married.

“Have you heard anything from Thato by the way?” Amanda asked.

I scratched my head, trying to recall the number of times I tried to call Thato during the past couple of weeks but always got through to her voicemail. I couldn’t count the number of messages I left her begging her to call me back and she didn’t respond to any.

“It has been weeks Mandy. What do you think is going on with her? I’d love to speak to her but she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.”

Amanda sighed too. “How about I conference her in on this call?” She asked.

“Well, let’s see if you get through because I haven’t.”

She chuckled and told me to hold on. I could hear the keypad tone as she searched her phone for Thato’s number and soon Thato’s phone was ringing. I was pacing in the bathroom, expecting the annoying voicemail greeting when I heard Thato’s voice.
“Hello.” She said quietly.

I gasped! “Thato!”
“I told I could get her on a conference call” Amanda said with a lot of pride in her voice.

“How are you girls doing?” Thato asked again quietly.

“Never mind how we are doing. How are you? I’ve been trying to reach you for days! Been worried sick. What’s going on with you?” I said. I was so worried something horrifying had happened to her.

“I’ve been OK Dineo. I’ve just had to stay quiet for a while.”

“Stay quiet? We are your best buds Thato.” Amanda said sounding surprised.

Thato was the calmest amongst us but she wasn’t the type to abstain from the company of others.

“I know. I’ve just had to do some thinking on my own, try to make some major decisions.” Thato said.

“Oh please don’t tell me your mid-life crisis is arriving early.” Amanda joked. “What major decisions love?”

Thato sighed and was quiet for a while. I listened like my life depended on her next words and I could tell Amanda was listening attentively too.

“I found out I’m pregnant.” Thato finally said in a low voice.

Amanda gasped in shock. I wasn’t sure of how to react.

“Oh my word Thato! Congratulations!” I managed to say after a few moments of awkward silence, failing to mask the surprise and disappointment I immediately felt.

“Erm… We should meet for tea. We can’t do drinks with you in that condition” Amanda said in a bubbly tone.

Thato agreed. The conversation sort of went downhill afterwards and after a couple of minutes, we all agreed to meet after work for tea at my mother’s coffee shop.

I went through the whole day in a state of vertigo, unsure of what to think of Thato’s news. I didn’t know if I ought to be happy for her or if I was supposed to scold her. The biggest question of course was how Wandile took the news perhaps he took it badly and that’s why Thato had been unusually quiet and depro.

After exchanging pleasantries that evening, it was the first question I asked her. She smiled and looked at Amanda and me.

“He’s taking it really well. Actually, the fact that we are having a baby is bringing us really close.” She said still smiling.

“As it should Thato.” Amanda said placing her hand over Thato’s.

I looked at them and smiled. Something wasn’t adding up. If there was one thing I knew about Thato, it was the fact starting a family was one of her deepest desires and she had always looked forward to staring one with Wandile. Why then was she looking so morose and totally unhappy?

“So does this mean you and Wandile are going to move in together or how exactly is this going to work?” I asked.

She sighed. “Well, we have to move in together to cut costs.”

“Cut costs?” I asked. You are both gainfully employed. What’s this about cutting costs? You are barely even showing yet.”

“Yes but it’s necessary because Wandile lost his job.”

“Huh?!” Amanda exclaimed. “How did that happen?”

Thato sighed. “It’s a long story. Anyway, to make things work best for us, we have decided to get married.”

I stared at her, blank. I really did not know what to think!


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