A woman’s world 13

It was a small quiet wedding; just friends and family. There was nothing exceptional about it. The venue wasn’t dripping with decorations and the bride wasn’t beaming with excitement. I had never been so depressed at a wedding. I even started to wonder if my presence as friend of the bride was required. Amanda on the other hand couldn’t stop talking as we all sat to a quiet reception lunch. She was pointing out all the flaws in Thato’s wedding plan and stating what she would do with hers. I was prompted to question her excitement.

“Has Adam proposed to you or mentioned the possibility of both of you getting married?” I asked, picking at my food which seemed to have been rendered tasteless by the sober atmosphere of the wedding.

Amanda looked at me, the smile disappeared from her face in an instant. “He hasn’t but there is nothing wrong with being optimistic. Jeez! You and Thato have suddenly become kill-joys.”

I smiled in response. “I just think you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself and discuss this with him, know where he’s at with regards to marriage. Men are naturally scared of commitment and responsibility.”

Amanda rolled her eyes. “They still end up getting married even if it is in funeral style like Thato and Wandile. Gosh this wedding is more than depressing. Feels like a leprechaun’s funeral.”

I laughed and shook my head. Amanda was right though. Thato claimed she and Wandile decided on a small wedding to save money but we could tell there was a whole lot more to the story that we didn’t know. She was drifting away from us and only stopped to exchange pleasantries for a couple of minutes at the wedding. Amanda and I cheered each other up with jokes and when we finally left for our respective homes, I couldn’t help but worry about Thato.

I didn’t have too much time to worry about her though. I had a lot of work and my man to focus on. I should tell you now that my relationship was beginning to feel like a dream. I had never met a man so perfect, a man who knew what I wanted, when I wanted it. Forget about the days I walked into the mall and restrained myself from buying a R25000 bag. This man was giving me the ‘Hollywood life’. He was paying for spa treatments, hair-do every two weeks, sleepovers at Sun City…I was glowing and living the life.

A couple of weeks after Thato’s wedding, Amanda and I got together at club Hush for drinks. It was a beautiful night and we didn’t have to worry about rushing back home. Adam was on night call and Phil was in Cape Town to visit his grandmother. It was a great night to catch up with Amanda and though I was saddened by Thato’s rejection when I offered to pick her up, I decided not to dwell on it.

Amanda and I were looking good and acting bad so it was no surprise when two super-fine men approached us. I saw them coming first and notified Amanda by raising my eyebrow. She laughed and whispered. “A little fun can’t hurt anyone.”

Soon, we were sitting with these two men talking and drinking like the drinks were going to be obsolete.

“So where are you guys from?” I finally asked. I guessed Nigeria. Forgive me but I was so in love with my man by then that any fine young man just looked Nigerian to me.

One of them shook his head and responded. “We are congolese.”

“Oh wow!” Amanda exclaimed excitedly. “My boyfriend is Congolese too.”

The men looked more excited than before. “Comment ca va?” They asked and she proudly responded “Tres bien Merci.”

The men clapped and said something in french to each other. I mentally started to prepare myself for a boring history and way of life of congolese people.

“So what is your boyfriend’s name?” One of them asked her.

“Adam…I can’t pronounce his last name properly. It’s Wadhiya with a french twist to it.”

“Adam Waddhiya?” One of them asked looking surprised.

Amanda raised her eyebrow happily. “You know him?” She asked.

The men laughed and looked at her . One of them replied. “Know him? I was at his wedding in Congo last year!”

The stunned silence that followed was deafening. I could have sworn we were at a graveyard and not a club.


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