A woman’s world 15

After the big revelation at the club, I spent many days wondering if Phil was secretly married in Nigeria too. He visited his home country a lot, sometimes just for a week and from what I heard, the tickets cost nothing less than R6000. I started to think about the impact a break up with Phil would have on me; he had literally changed my life. Even my colleagues never missed an opportunity to tell me I was glowing and my wardrobe had changed. I got many admiring stares from work than I used to before and yes I was really in love with Phil.

My anxiety did me no good when I saw him the next weekend as I kept trying to check his ring finger for the presence of a ring or an indication he used to wear one. He noticed I kept shifting uncomfortably in my seat. We were hanging out at News Cafe for lunch but he wasn’t eating; he was drinking beer and he happens to be right-handed; get my dilemma?

Anyway, he looked up from his food and smiled at me.
“Are you ok babe?” He asked raising his eyebrow.
I tried to feign a smile but I just couldn’t. “I’m just deep in thought, that’s all.”
He shook his head laughing and put his left hand on the table. “Is that why you have been trying to check out my hand beneath the table?”

I almost covered my face in embarrassment. He was on to me. I smiled shyly and shook my head not sure of what to say exactly.

“Can you tell me what this is all about?”
I sighed. I had to tell him the truth. “I’m sorry Phil! I’m just scared that’s all.”
“Of you fooling me.”
“Fooling you? I don’t understand.”
I sighed again. “Last week, Amanda found out Adam is married in Congo and even though she seems to be taking it so well, I think she’s in denial more than anything else. She’s trying to put up a brave front and act like she’s not distraught on the inside but I’m her friend and I can see through that. I’m scared of going through all that too so I was wondering if….”

“If I’m married in Nigeria?” He asked and laughed.
I didn’t think there was anything funny about my enquiry. “Well, are you?” I asked.

He shook his head and took my hands in his across the table.
“Dineo, you are a special woman and truth be told, I’ve never met a woman like you. You are strong, beautiful, focused, intelligent…the list goes on… No woman has ever made me feel the way you make me feel and I know no other woman ever will.”

He kissed my hands and you can be sure I was all smiles by then, ready to concentrate on my food when he sighed. I looked up at him expecting a “but…”

He put his hand in his jacket pocket, brought out a velvet black box and placed it on the table. My heart started racing, my stomach was churning. He smiled and left his seat to stand by my end of the table. Everyone was staring at us. He knelt before me, a solemn look replaced his smile.
“I wanted to hold off till tonight at dinner but I see no reason why I can’t do it now. You are the light of my life and I’ll always love you.” He paused. Tears were running down my cheeks. ” Marry me please” he asked quietly.

I was shaking visibly with happiness. “Yes!” I whispered. He put the beautiful ring set with diamonds on my finger and stood on his feet; he helped me stand kissing away my tears as everyone applauded. I could hear angels singing. I got my Mr. Big and we were a match made in heaven.


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