Excerpt from my book ‘Message to the last single girls’

Well, so you met this handsome man who managed to sweep you off your feet with his smile and had you grinning from ear to ear with his charm. Best part is that he was into you. He loved your intelligence and your graceful manner; your ability to pay attention to every tiny detail did not come across as obsessive to him, instead, he found it very appealing. He could spend hours just staring at you and smiling. Five years down the line, you are still crazy in love with him and you know he is your prince charming; then one day, you stumble across something that stops you in your tracks- an affectionate text message on his cell phone from another woman. You sit and wonder about it for days. You even tell your girlfriends and seek advice on how to handle the situation. The best way to confirm is to steal her number from his phone; you call, pretending to be his sister and she happily tells you she can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the family. She goes on to confirm your worst fear by telling you she hopes he proposes because she just can’t wait to be his bride. You hang up distraught and confused; you start cursing him out to your girlfriends and the statement on everyone’s lips is 
“After everything you have done for him, what the hell is wrong with him?”
“What is wrong with you miss?”


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