Let’s Make Our Dreams Come True In 2015!

I received this video this morning from bae. It made me realize that many of us are just afraid, scared to go out and get what we desire, simply because society has made things too difficult, or we can’t see ourselves succeeding. The one thing that stood out for me here is how he emphasizes that failure is part of the journey to success. I’ll admit now that I’ve been so scared of failing, I decided to hide instead. I’ve been scared of rejection so I haven’t fervently pursued any of my dreams. I am a writer who is scared to compete with those who are well-established in the publishing industry, so instead I’ve been working on ‘other things’ that drain me, and give me sleepless nights. I’ve ignored my connection with writing because society has tried to stifle me with other issues, and I’ve stifled myself with fear, enjoying only the respite of my imagination.This video has encouraged me so much! I hope it does the same for you.

Get up, get to work, and get your own! There is always room for one more at the top! And believe me, what you look like, or sound like does not matter when you are sitting at the top. Let’s get there together in 2015! Watch the video below:


About Demilade Fayemiwo

I am a woman on an adventure; a student of life; a voice for the hopeless. I'm a city set on a hill. Motivation is what I do; it is who I am; it is hardwired into my DNA. I can't help but get you moving!
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