Life Lessons From The Maffia Tribe…

Lipglossmaffia Inc.


Have you heard about the Lipglossmaffia Inc BBM channel? It’s the best thing since cordless vibrators, I’m not even kidding. The Tribe(members of the channel) are the most amazing, funny and intelligent individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to chat with. When we are not talking about orgasms and penis lengths, I love to pick their brains for some collaborative feature ideas. That’s how we created this one, this piece is golden advice from The Tribe. I asked them; If you could give a life lesson to a 20 year old, what would it be? And these are the responses, enjoy…

  1. “Understand that life is not always smooth and rosy but making something positive out of whatever/ wherever it is you find yourself, is what makes it worthwhile” –@KvngDemola
  2. “Don’t get addicted to your salary, it’s worse than heroin” – @Tinkerman
  3. “Be nice to your skin, it’s tough but there’s…

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About Demilade Fayemiwo

I am a woman on an adventure; a student of life; a voice for the hopeless. I'm a city set on a hill. Motivation is what I do; it is who I am; it is hardwired into my DNA. I can't help but get you moving!
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