Let Go; Let God

A church pianist found himself struggling to get the notes for Sunday’s hymn. As hard as he tried, he just couldn’t get the notes to flow effortlessly. He practiced for days, and failed, but he was determined to keep trying. One day, as he sat by the piano trying unsuccessfully to make beautiful music, a man walked into the church and quietly watched him. The pianist paid no attention to him, and continued with his hard work. After a while, the man approached him and asked if he could try.

“You really think you can play this song better than me? The pianist asked, looking angry.

“Well, let me try.” The man said.

The pianist laughed in derision and continued trying to play the hymn. After a few more tries, he gave up. The church would just have to get through his mashed up version of the hymn’s notes. He looked up to find the man still standing next to him. “Well, it’s yours, go for it!” He said with a snort.

The man sat behind the piano and soon the church was filled with beautiful flawless notes. The pianist was surprised. He had totally underestimated the man’s ability. “How come you can play it so flawlessly?” He asked.

“Because I wrote this hymn”, the man replied.

Are you like the pianist? Believing in your ability more than you believe in God’s expertise? Take your hands off the keys! God wrote the hymn of your life, he knows how to play it to perfection. Stop trusting in your ability; let God be your guide. Open up and let God lead your heart. He will play your life out to a perfect ending filled with happiness. Take your hands off the keys. God’s plans are way better than yours.


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