Your ‘Hemorrhoid’ Shall Pass

If  you have never had an actual hemorrhoid, please go on your knees and pray you never ever experience the life-threatening pain that comes with it. I never thought it would happen to me. I live a healthy lifestyle, attend aerobics classes, hardly eat bread, can’t remember the last time I bought sugar…. basically I never thought hemorrhoids could come from my healthy lifestyle. Just … Continue reading Your ‘Hemorrhoid’ Shall Pass

Life is Imperfect. Get On with it

I love love this song for one reason – it echoes a truth many of us are uncomfortable with. In this world of selfies, blessers, filtered photos and life masks, many of us aim to project our lives as perfect. Everyone wants the world to believe they are perfectly healthy, perfectly married with perfect kids, the perfect job, the perfect balance… the perfect lie. We … Continue reading Life is Imperfect. Get On with it

Take a Break……. to Love Yourself

I haven’t written in a while…not because I have run out of ideas, but because it appears 24 hours is insufficient these days. I still take time off every now and then to listen to people and share my insights with them; I still enjoy conversations that give me fresh topics to write about and I still have my life-reflection moments, one of which I … Continue reading Take a Break……. to Love Yourself

What Are You Spending Time On?

Today is my birthday so I will share a lesson I’ve come to appreciate regarding time and how it is spent. There was a time I was unemployed, and I spent a good chunk of my time watching TV, eating, visiting friends to discuss the same old issues, and simply just created a routine around nothing in particular. Yes, I applied for jobs as often … Continue reading What Are You Spending Time On?

What’s in Your Hand Right Now?

Do you have a vision that you just can’t shake? Is there a place of success that your eyes keep drifting towards when you try to focus on other things? Are you perhaps complaining right now that you don’t have the tools you need, or the connections, or the experience or the degree you require to take you to where you need to be? Stop! … Continue reading What’s in Your Hand Right Now?