Wait For Your Order

Many times in life, we compare ourselves with others because their orders arrive early, forgetting we ordered something different.


Feed Your Spirit

Many people are walking around with broken spirits because they have been feeding the wrong stuff to their minds. Many people feed themselves negativity on a daily basis. Some people feed themselves with anxiety, stress, pain, rejection and all kinds of negative emotions. Your spirit is an integral part of your being, and once it is broken, you are likely to stay stuck for a very long time. Think about it; if a car with four tyres has one flat tyre, how far can it go until that tyre is fixed? Or if you put petrol in a diesel engine, what kind of combustion reaction is likely to occur? Aren’t you damaging the engine of the car? The same applies to your spirit.


Your spirit is your engine hence it needs to be properly serviced, and fed the right kind of stuff. Instead of dwelling on the negativity all around you, wrap yourself in the assurance God’s word provides. Instead of feeding yourself with thoughts of desperation or shady deals to succeed, seek knowledge in how to be successful without having to look over your shoulder everyday. Feed your spirit with the right kind of knowledge; feed yourself with the word of God that reassures us of God’s word, and constantly reminds us not to be afraid.

‘Goshen’ is not enough

Many of us are in Goshen with regards to where our lives are. Goshen is where the Israelites lived while they were under their slave masters in Egypt. You see in Goshen, things were not so bad. They had food, they had enough to drink. They had children in sound health; they were just fine. But it wasn’t good enough. God wanted them to move to a better place – the promised land where they could have more than enough! ‘Just enough’ was not good enough, and that’s what Goshen was.

Many of us are in Goshen, and we are too content to be in Goshen. We are in a place where things are just good enough, where we have access to some things, but not all the things we desire. And we tend to chastise ourselves for wanting more. We tend to compare ourselves to those who have less so we believe Goshen is enough.

Goshen is not enough. Where you are right now is not enough. What you have now can be bigger and better. You can go from Goshen to the promised land! Stop sitting in your comfort zone (Goshen). Aim for bigger, aim for better. You can have all you desire and more, if you will just accept that Goshen is not where your journey ends. You can make it to the promised land where you’ll have more than enough.

Have Faith

Faith is a word that is easily thrown around. Sometimes I wonder if we know what it means to have faith. What I have learned is that it is easy to have faith when things are working out. At the beginning of last year, I had so much faith because everything fell into place without me even meddling with the pieces. By the time August arrived, I could have sworn the earth and all its elements were conspiring against me. It was hard to have faith in the midst of a sudden turn of events, and in the face of hopelessness. I got to understand that it was easy to preach faith when things were working out, but the truth is you don’t really need faith when everything is perfect. Your faith is tested when you are at rock bottom, and that is when it will be difficult for you to tap into it.

I went full circle with faith; I somehow found myself back at the point of faith, not because anything changed, but because I realized nothing stays the same. When you hit rock bottom, you’re at a good place to rebuild yourself. You are at a good point for a fresh start, and faith is the only thing that can open your eyes to that fact. Have faith even when it feels like Mars is a better option. Have faith when people turn their backs on you; Have faith when people pull the rug from beneath your feet; Have faith when all is lost. You might be stuck in the tunnel now, but believe me, you won’t be in it forever.