“Lower Your Standards”

This is one advice I think every single girl has heard at some point in her life. When people ask you why you’re single (by the way I find it surprising people haven’t figured out this question is annoying), they’re sometimes fishing to hear what barriers you’ve built around yourself, preventing you from finding eternal happiness. I always say “oh wow… I don’t know. Perhaps … Continue reading “Lower Your Standards”

“I Don’t Want to Get Married”

Ladies, I know I don’t have to ask if you’ve ever uttered those words. Except you have been absolutely sheltered from heartbreak, or you’re one of those annoyingly lucky people who happen to find their perfect partner in the first guy they date, you must have uttered these words at the peak of hurt, frustration or downright anger against one man or men as the … Continue reading “I Don’t Want to Get Married”

Are You Dating Down Just to Settle Down?

The incessant race to get married is not helping society in any way. Single ladies in their mid and late twenties are not spared third degree style questioning by family members with regards to their intention to settle down. “When are you getting married?”, “I hope you are not chasing men away with your attitude?”, “Lower your standards, no man can meet all these requirements”…the … Continue reading Are You Dating Down Just to Settle Down?

Lies Single Women Tell Themselves

Single women lie to themselves- that is not news. Married women lie to single women- Oh! Are you surprised?! Sometimes, people feed us with information to sway our desires and decisions to suit the lifestyles they already live…. I will address this in a later post. Today, I was working on my book when this topic came to mind- lies we single women tell ourselves … Continue reading Lies Single Women Tell Themselves