Overdose on Gratitude

We tend to underestimate the power of gratitude. For some, gratitude is overrated; and I can tell you now that when you are going through a difficult time, gratitude is the last thing on your mind. How can you be grateful when it feels like you’re being thrown into a pit 50 feet deep? I have been to that point of difficulty and I have been back, and believe me, gratitude is better.

Gratitude is a drug – a good one you should gulp like vitamins. It’s like a ‘happy’ pill. When you start your day with gratitude, it is difficult for any trial or unexpected sad event to derail you. When you think of things you are grateful for halfway through the day, it is difficult for anyone’s ill perceptions of you to weigh you down. When you end your day with gratitude, it is difficult to be distracted by what’s not working out.  Let gratitude become a habit. If you look for things to be grateful for, you will find lots of them. If you find things to complain about, you will find lots. Wouldn’t you rather be grateful?


Look for the Positive

The law of attraction is not a fad; it is a fact! You will attract whatever it is that you are looking for! Have you ever noticed that whenever you concentrate on the faults of others, everything they do during that period tend to be flawed, no matter how gracious their intentions may seem? It is not them; it’s you! Whatever you are looking for in life, you will find it! So why not spend your time and energy looking for the positive in each day? Even the bible says in Proverbs 11:27 – If you search for good, you will find favor; but if you search for evil, it will find you.

Image credit: lovethispic.com

Every single day is a result of what we search for. If you search for a million reasons to complain about your life, your job, your spouse, your family, etc.  Believe me, you will find a BILLION reasons. Look for the positive in your day; Look for the positive in your life! Let everyday begin with gratitude, and let it end with gratitude. Even the dark days have their silver linings. You just need to be willing to seek it out!