#TeamSnoop: On The Issue of Le Boo’s Cellphone

You’ve probably been in that situation – to snoop or not to snoop through your partner’s phone. People with a lot of experience in the field tell you it is best not to snoop to avoid giving yourself a heart attack. On the other hand, those who have been in less than desirable situationsĀ as a result of ignorance, tell you it’s best to snoop, so you know where you stand. Now you are stuck at crossroads, wondering which turn to take. Le boo has made it clear to you without mincing words that the cell phone is off limits, and going through it is a deal breaker. But there is a nagging feeling you cannot shake that keeps urging you to do the unforgivable – go through Le boo’s phone. But you can’t, and you are miserable because you can’t. You keep asking people for advice but they confuse you more and more with their responses. Let me put you out of your misery…

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I find it completely ridiculous that people, especially married people declare their cell phones as off limits to their partners. Never mind ridiculous, I think it is preposterous! I find it shocking that people have to go to the extent of snooping through a lifeless device they should normally have access to. How on earth are two people, who are in a committed long term relationship, where they are morally approved to play with each other’s genitals, place limits on their cell phones and let their partners believe it is OK? No, it is not OK.

When you commit yourself to a relationship with a person, you are committing more than your heart, you are also committing your life. Your finances somehow trickle through to that person; your health is in that person’s hands; your emotional, psychological and even physical wellbeing can be affected by that person’s actions. How can you think so low of yourself that you’d believe, after placing all these vital aspects of your life in that person’s hands, you don’t need access to their cell phone? Miss me with this BS.

I am not on #TeamSnoop, and I am not on #TeamDontSnoop. I am on #TeamIPickThePhoneWhenIWant… not because I have trust issues but because that is the expected norm after giving so much of myself to someone. I don’t believe in snooping through anyone’s phone. That to me indicates an unhealthy relationship. I believe both partners should be open and honest with each other so much that if they accidentally take the wrong phones to work, one of them will not contemplate suicide before the day runs out. It is probably idealistic to you as you read this because your mind has accepted ‘off-limits cell phones’ as a norm. Mine hasn’t. I can leave my phone lying around at any time and not throw a fit if I find my partner going through it. I expect the same courtesy. If you are serious about how much you love yourself, you’d expect the same too. You don’t need to stoop to snooping if you are in a two-way committed relationship. No, it is not an invasion of privacy to pick up your partner’s phone when it rings, as opposed to sitting next to it and wondering if it would be OK to answer, as though you are some side dish.

You don’t need to look through it every day like an inspector, you shouldn’t even have to do that. But you should be free to answer it if it rings, read a text that pops up on the screen while it’s next to you without feeling like Judas Iscariot and relate the said text message to your partner without a subsequent tantrum.

#TeamSnoop? Drop that BS. The “Ignorance is bliss” mantra? Forget that; if anything at all, ignorance is death these days.