How much are you worth?

I never really thought about this question until a recent discussion with a  couple of male friends got me wondering. Truth be told, when the question was directed at me, all I could manage was a smile and that smile haunted me for many nights because I figured I could have been more loquacious. How much are you worth?  Pause. Think about it. This is … Continue reading How much are you worth?

Nothing is Wrong With You!

You have probably been there a few times; looked into the mirror and asked yourself what it is about you that repulses the opposite sex? Why is it that in spite of all your gracious efforts to make your relationships work, something just sets the whole ball into a downward spiral? You’ve probably sat on your own many times and tried to dissect what you … Continue reading Nothing is Wrong With You!

Put A Price Tag on Yourself!

  As published on I had an interesting epiphany while I was out shopping sometime last week. I walked into a shoe store and given my love for shoes, I was soon spoilt for choice. My prudent side kicked in, and I decided price would be the determining factor. Afterall, I didn’t need a new pair of shoes urgently, I just like to have … Continue reading Put A Price Tag on Yourself!